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This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

  1. Before surprising everybody with your request to transfer on your account the modest sum to make sure all e.g. 1.000.000 kids get a € 162.60 XO = € 162.600.000 in your region and a similar amount to train teachers, make ebooks for every grade, a communication campaign, etc. maybe it demonstrates reason and competence to ask for a budget to set-up something that could be referred to as a "OLPC Regional Lab / Test roll out / HUB". With a staff of 3 ICT people, 3 rooms in a university, some 10 XO laptops, 2 XServers, etc. That might sum up to some 135.000 € - 155.000 €, including some trips to OLPC USA, OLPC Peru/Uruguay and inviting them over to your lab and support your local OLPC community capacity building, talking to your Minister of Education and representatives of the educational landscape.
  2. To get you launched, herewith a: OLPC Budget Regional Lab / Test roll out / HUB: Google spreadsheet you could base yourselves upon. To team up: --SvenAERTS 00:34, 15 May 2013 (UTC) who who wrote all this.
  3. Deployment Guide
  4. File:Phase_1_in_5_highlighted_Commercial_Phase_in_the_5_Phases_in_an_OLPC_Educational_Project_Implementation.png

Why hasn't OLPC been embraced by the European ICT teachers/educational sector ?

  1. IMHO because - though they like the project, but in poor countries. Because of the abundant pictures always showing the XO or OLPC with black-poor kids, there's this association that the XO-XServer combination is not the choice for white kids in a 1st world country. Which is wrong. The XO-XServer is what you want for your kids, it's the best laptop/ebook/tablet you can give to your kids. Therefore I've made:
  2. Picture album with only white kids on an OLPC/XO-XServer: https://plus.google.com/photos/105098093393637496060/albums/5875785147608305873 --SvenAERTS 00:40, 15 May 2013 (UTC)
  3. What every government should ask itself when considering an ebook deployment
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