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OLPC Firmware Production Release Q2A62 - 2006-12-11

This is the update release for the B-test build.


MD5: 556086265ee9950aaa91e5662b6b5733 olpc-Q2A62.rom

Changes since Q2A54

  • EC: update to A62
  • EC: Dead battery charging fix
  • EC: Add battery charging indicator LED
  • OFW: Update to SVN 55
  • OFW: Improve performance by preallocating some DMA resources.
  • OFW: Support USB storage devices that identify themselves as "removable"

instead of "scsi"

  • OFW: Support FAT filesystem on devices with sector sizes other than 512.

Installation Caveats

  • If you have a B1 system:
  1. Perform the auto-reinstall procedure at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Autoreinstallation_image before upgrading to this firmware version
  2. DO NOT use olpcflash to write new firmware images. Doing so will erase the manufacturing data that was added at the factory.
  • After you reflash, you must power cycle by physically removing power from the system. A warm-start or button-induced restart is not sufficient. Please remove both the battery pack and wall adapter for 10 seconds.

ATest users only: If you use olpcflash to write this image, you must use the --brick option.
Example: olpcflash --brick -w image.rom
This will update your EC code.

Known issues

  • Auto-repeat is slow on some USB keyboards
  • NVRAM storage for configuration variables is not yet implemented.
  • JFFS2 does not handle ECC
  • The boot menu is incomplete
  • Dirctory symlinks have a problem.

ATest -- Infineon RAMs only

Thise is a special purpose image. Do not use except on A-test boards with Infineon RAMS.

For more info see Upgrading_to_LinuxBIOS#Checking_your_DRAM_type

File:Olpc-Q2A62 CL2.5.rom

MD5: 05858dcc6a0d7318de141cd4ca537028 olpc-Q2A62_CL2.5.rom

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