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OLPC Firmware B2 Production Release Q2B33 - 2007-01-23

This is the firmware for the production build of the B2 boards. It will also work on B1 and ATest. Do not use it on pre-B1 boards - it will brick them because of the EC microcode.


MD5: 917bfe9e223669c83339f1c3166bd3f3 olpc-Q2B33.rom

Changes since Q2B21

  • EC: PQ2B31
  1. Implement wake up charging for B2 H/W.
  2. Default to three-byte mouse packet mode after resets.
  3. Added EC commands for stopping SPI FLASH access so updates can be performed without having to reboot the whole system
  4. Added the command 0xd5 (port 0x66) to turn off system power.
  • OFW svn commit 111.
  • OFW: Corrected the assignment of USB PWR_EN pins to USB board, thus hopefully making staggered USB power-up actually work
  • OFW: Added sound driver and support for sensor input mode
  • OFW: Added SD driver (boot sd:\boot\olpc.fth)
  • OFW: SD driver always does the Marvell-specific init steps so the Linux driver can be generic
  • OFW: Eliminated misleading "bad battery" reports from the RTC driver (trac 767)
  • OFW: probe-usb2 no longer creates duplicate device nodes
  • OFW: Configured GPIO01 correctly for use as AC/DC MIC input switch on B2 boards
  • OFW: Fixed problem with USB FLASH keys that don't support Ping transactions properly

Installation Caveats

  • If you have a B1 system:
  1. Perform the auto-reinstall procedure at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Autoreinstallation_image before upgrading to this firmware version
  2. DO NOT use olpcflash to write new firmware images. Doing so will erase the manufacturing data that was added at the factory.
  • After you reflash, you must power cycle by physically removing power from the system. A warm-start or button-induced restart is not sufficient. Please remove both the battery pack and wall adapter for 10 seconds.

ATest users only: If you use olpcflash to write this image, you must use the --brick option.
Example: olpcflash --brick -w image.rom
This will update your EC code.

Known issues

  • Auto-repeat is slow on some USB keyboards
  • NVRAM storage for configuration variables is not yet implemented.
  • JFFS2 does not handle ECC
  • The boot menu is incomplete
  • Directory symlinks have a problem.

ATest -- Infineon RAMs only

This is a special purpose image. Do not use except on A-test boards with Infineon RAMS.

For more info see Upgrading_to_LinuxBIOS#Checking_your_DRAM_type

File:Olpc-Q2B33 CL2.5.rom

MD5: dc635e2e24f6aa487146a6c3876bef4c olpc-Q2B33_CL2.5.rom

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