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Works on XO-1.75 C2 only.

  • properly reset the clock on battery failure or oscillator noise,
    • previously the clock may have contained invalid date and time,
    • a one-time extra quick reboot will be observed following upgrade to Q4D29, while the firmware changes the manufacturing data, because of units in the field that have not yet handled the clock reset flag,
  • reduce the wireless scan time,
    • applicable only when using Open Firmware Ok prompt or scripts,
    • no impact on Linux,
  • FAT filesystems with corrupt directory entries no longer print junk file names in directory listings,
  • add an alias for stop-capture (see Forth_Lesson_23 for packet capture documentation),
  • fix a problem where some USB drives were unusable if they were partitioned with an extended partition that was empty,
  • ISO-9660 filesystems are now as case blind as FAT filesystems already were,
  • fix a build time overlap with manufacturing data,
Download q4d29.rom
Build date time 2013-04-18 00:12:37
Source revision 3648
EC version 1.0.01
CForth version 7a0de454
Wireless firmware version Libertas thinfirm 9.0.7.p2


Open Firmware

  • 3644 cdfs, make search of ISO 9660 filesystems case blind, by uppercasing the name being sought. FAT filesystem access already does this.
  • 3641 disklabel - fix no access to primary partition if extended partition is empty, workaround is to set the primary partition bootable, cause in the partition finder which when recursing reused the same buffer for the extended partition, destroying the in-memory copy of the primary parition; fix is to use a separate buffer in the recursion. Reported by Vladimir Serbinenko.
  • 3639 inet - add an alias for stop-capture
  • 3638 fatfs, skip volume label directory entries, some filesystem instances have them and they remain after repair.
  • 3637 fatfs, fix a stack effect comment
  • 3634 OLPC XO-1.75 XO-4 - rely on the RTC register oscillator stop flag to signal when to reinitialise the data. However, already manufactured laptops do not have the oscillator stop flag in the RTC registers cleared, so detect these by absence of a "cv" tag, and add the tag once the flag has been reset.
  • 3633 OLPC - libertas, reduce the scan time to 30ms per channel for an active scan, and raise it to 110ms per channel for a passive scan, based on a kernel patch provided by Marvell.
  • 3631 OLPC - avoid use of RTC undefined data, by detecting power loss and clearing the RTC count. [...] XO-1.75 and XO-4 (ds1338): force the century to 20 like on previous models, check and clear the oscillator stop flag, clear all the RTC count registers, separate the clearing of RTC SRAM from the clearing of RTC count, and fix a regression in r3608 where the wrong register offsets were used.
  • 3629 OLPC XO-1.75 - fix overlap with manufacturing data again, this time it was because components delivered to the image with $add-file were not included in the reserved area check. Rather than move the reserved area check deeper into the mkdropin.fth logic, it was easier to reorder the build so that such components were added early. #12627.
  • 3628 SDHCI - added ext-csd! call-through to slot driver, in case someone needs it.
  • 3627 Tokenizer - added some aliases that are useful for debugging and testing.
  • 3626 EXT2 filesystem - added sb-filetype? to test for yet another incompatible extension.
  • 3625 Audio selftest - trivial refactoring to make interactive testing easier.
  • 3624 ARM - added mp-id@ word to get the processor ID in a multiprocessor.


  • a compiler change, no effect expected,


  • none
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