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Works on XO-1.75 B1 and C2. Contains fixes for factory production:

  • if operator abandons the SD card test, cascade as failure,
  • fail the USB HUB test if a USB device is removed during a probe,
  • add attended autorun of manufacturing tests (latent).
Download q4d32.rom
Build date time 2013-06-25 22:29:32 (UTC)
Source revision 3683
EC version 1.0.01
CForth version 1c6dcd22
Wireless firmware version Libertas thinfirm 9.0.7.p2


Open Firmware

  • 3681 OLPC XO-4 - force operator abandon of SD card test to cause overall test sequence abort
  • 3677 OLPC - when testing /usb/hub in diag mode, fail the test if the device is removed during the probe. Reported by Chia-Hsiu. Also fix stack comments in other selftest methods.
  • 3675 OLPC XO-4 - fix typo in r3674
  • 3674 OLPC XO-4 - add attended autorun of manufacturing tests, optional code that does not proceed to next test until the previous test has passed, but no functional change in our current builds.


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