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OLPC Firmware Release q7a13

Works on XO-4 A2 only. Do not use on A1. Aiming for B1 build.

Download q7a13.rom
Build date time 2012-09-06 19:39:42
Source revision 3298
EC version 0.1.08
CForth version 7b873ab6


Open Firmware

  • correct the interrupt routing for the camera controller, (ticket #12090).
  • suppress image size smaller than disk size now that builds size themselves to available space,
  • undo change to firmware upgrade version check, (ticket #12079), ticket #12091),
  • graphical touchscreen tests for signal analysis, suppress fail on "too strong" a signal, double randomness of adjacent axis test, fix boxes test; many boxes could not be cleared, flush events and ignore buffered up events; to avoid old data on scribble and adjacent axis test, fix bug in watch-fss; was occasionally aborting due to touch event data seen in stream, adjacent axis tests; increase box array to cover used size for photodiode edges, remove debugging. XO_4_Touch_Testing,


  • treat delete key as backspace, for compatibility with Linux terminals attached to serial console,
  • turn off the storage indicator during suspend.



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