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OLPC Firmware Release q7B03

Works on XO-4 B1 (2 MiB SPI FLASH) only. Do not use on XO-4 A.

The main purpose of this release is to support audio IRQs properly in the device tree, thus enabling an important change in the Linux audio driver.

Download q7b03.rom
Build date time 2012-10-10 15:25:30
Source revision 3357
EC version 0.2.02
CForth version 48611f45
WLAN 8686 version 9.0.7.p2
WLAN 8787 version 14.66.09.p80

Changes from Q7B02

Open Firmware

  • svn 3356 - Add DMA mux to IRQ device tree nodes and refer to it in the audio driver.
  • svn 3355 - adjust SPI and EC flash animation for larger parts.
  • svn 3353,3354 turn off DCON only if it is already on (suppresses first-boot-after-shipment failures) (ticket #12135),
  • svn 3349 - Changed the search order for .zip bundles to look for the platform-specific suffix first, falling back to the generic name. (ticket #12129)




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