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Works on XO-4 B1 and later only.

  • bluetooth test, increase reliability in dense device environments, ticket #12655,
  • device-tree changes to support vMeta driver in Linux,
  • fix use of USB drives and SD cards which have an empty extended partition table,
  • do not show files on a FAT filesystem that have the volume attribute bit set,
  • expose packet capture stop to default vocabulary.
Download q7b29.rom
Build date time 2013-04-14 22:12:13
Source revision 3643
EC version EC 0.4.04
CForth version 7a0de454
WLAN 8686 version 9.0.7.p2
WLAN 8787 version 14.66.09.p80


Open Firmware

  • 3642 OLPC XO-4 - bluetooth test, increase number of responses that are allowed from non-participant devices to the maximum, prevents premature completion of the inquiry command in dense device environments, per #12655
  • 3641 disklabel - fix no access to primary partition if extended partition is empty, workaround is to set the primary partition bootable, cause in the partition finder which when recursing reused the same buffer for the extended partition, destroying the in-memory copy of the primary parition; fix is to use a separate buffer in the recursion. Reported by Vladimir Serbinenko.
  • 3639 inet - add an alias for stop-capture
  • 3638 fatfs, skip volume label directory entries, some filesystem instances have them and they remain after repair.
  • 3637 fatfs, fix a stack effect comment
  • 3636 OLPC XO-4 - vMeta driver device-tree changes from Jon Nettleton.


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