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Garala Foundation is an organization with a goal of establishing Children's Library in the Indian subcontinet. Please visit http://www.garala.org for more details.

We would like to have around 5 laptops fixed in the library for kids visiting the library and another 10 laptops for lending it out for usage at their homes for a short period of time (approximately one week).

This project will enhance the reach of OLPC to rural and semi-urban kids in India.



  • Name: Garala Foundation - Children's Library
  • Location: India
  • Number of Laptops Requested: 10 to 15 per library


  • Help Kids to see the world beyond the regular school curriculam
  • Provide kids with the ability to get used to computers at early age, and bridge the gap between rural and urban kids

Project Member/s

  • Siva Prasad, 15 years in IT
  • Deepa Sangam, 10 years in IT
  • Senthil Selvaraj, 15 years in IT
  • Chigurupati Prasad, 15 years in IT

Project Updates

  • Sent monthly to every one subscribed to garala.org's newletter
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