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Esta página es para mostrar cualquier noticia o avance sobre el proyecto OLPC en Nicaragua. Los esfuerzos en este pais son mayormente ejecutados por entidades privadas con el apoyo del Ministerio de Educación de Nicaragua.

This page is to show any news or advance regarding the OLPC project in Nicaragua. The efforts in this country are mostly privately funded and executed with the approval and support of the Ministry of education in Nicaragua.

A finales del 2008, Telmex donó 3000 laptops XO a Nicaragua. El gobiernos solicito apoyo de Waveplace para la capacitación de 400 profesores.

In late 2008, Telmex donated 3000 XO laptops to Nicaragua.[citation needed] The government has asked Waveplace to help them with training 400 teachers.

En febrero del 2009, el Grupo Financiero LAFISE BANCENTRO realizo una inversión semilla con fondos privados para la ejecución de OLPC en Nicaragua. Como parte de su compromiso con el proyecto, se creo la Zamora_Teran (www.fundacionzt.org), una fundación corporativa sin fines de lucros que se dedica a ejecutar el proyecto en el país.

In february 2009, the LAFISE BANCENTRO Financial Group made an inicial investment from private funds to begin the execution of the OLPC project in Nicaragua. Part of their commitment to the project resulted in the creation of the Zamora_Teran (http://www.fundacionzt.org), a not-for profit corporate organization dedicated to the execution of OLPC in the country.

La primera escuela beneficiada por medio de la Fundación Zamora Terán fue el Colegio Fidel Coloma Gonzáles del Reparto Shick en Managua el 19 de agosto 2009 con 439 computadoras distribuidas a niños y niñas de primero y sexto grado y sus profores. La segunda escuela fue el John F. Kennedy de León con 239 el 9 de septiembre y el tercero el Colegio Laura Vicuña de Masaya con 132 computadoras.

The first school benefited through the Zamora Terán Foundation was the Fidel Coloma School of Managua with 439 XO laptops distributed to boys and girls from first to sixth grade and their teachers. The second was the John F. Kennedy School in León with 239 XO's on the 9th of September followed by Laura Vicuña Schoool in Masaya on the 10th with 132 XO's.

Actualmente, la Fundación Zamora Terán esta en proceso de entregar computadoras a un numero creciente de escuelas alrededor del pais, iniciando las entregas a finales del 2010. Antes de proceder con las entregas, se realizaran un sin numero de capacitaciones para profesores de las escuelas beneficiadas.

The Zamora Terán Foundation is in the process of deploying the program in a growing number of schools across the counry beginning at the end of January 2010. Before these deployments, the foundation is organizing a number of training workshops for teachers of benefited schools.
"The Zamora Teran Foundation has distributed more than 42,000 OLPC Laptops to children in Nicaragua and is currently providing implementation support services to more than 50,000 OLPC Laptops in Honduras and 5,000 OLPC Laptops in Costa Rica. " as per OLPC laptop.org blog dd. 2015/09/03.

Para mayor información visite www.fundacionzt.org o escribe a info@fundacionzt.org

For more information visit www.fundacionzt.org or write to info@fundacionzt.org


In 2012, the legendary island of Ometepe received an OLPC for every child, thanks to Fundacion Zamora Teran and partners.

For details and photographs, see the project page.

Presentación oficial del proyecto OLPC en Nicaragua

El viernes 22 febrero se llevó a cabo la presentación oficial de la computadora XO y el proyecto OLPC en Nicaragua en el marco de la inauguración del Linux Tour 2008 organizado por los Grupos de Usuarios Linux de Nicaragua (GUL-NIC). Se contó con una amplia cobertura de los medios de comunicación previo al evento:

Nicaragua Maintenance system and Life expectancy of the XO's

Rodrigo Arboleda - Alterning top manager / ceo of OLPC: "We do have XO‐1 and XO‐1.5 working well after 5 years in countries like Rwanda, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, to name a few. Nicaragua, especially, has a fantastic way of keeping them in good condition. After the school year ends, they take them back to HQ, clean them, get them repaired, and given back to the same child the day school opens. All of the above at a very low internal cost and at zero cost for the child. We have upgrading kits, so versions 1.5 can be converted to versions 1.75. The extended life of the XO has been a very satisfying experience." as per

eTwinning between Nicaragua and the Netherlands

Februar 16, 2009 The Dutch foundation OpenWijs.nl, inspired by the concept of OLPC, started September 2008 an educational eTwinning project in El Rama, a rural city in Nicaragua with 54.000 inhabitants. The project was funded by the local government of the city Maastricht (the Netherlands) and set up in close collaboration with the city bond Maastricht – Rama. Two volunteers have been in El Rama to train 21 teachers of primary school Horacio. Most of them had never used a PC before. When they knew how to use the XO they have discussed with the educational expert how to use it in their lessons. Therefore they tested several activities and visited the internet, also with pupils in the classroom to learn how to guide them.

Between September 2008 and Februar 2009 two primary schools in Maastricht started also with an OLPC project. Two teachers and two ICT- cordinators have been trained. All pupils group 8 (10 – 12 years old) received their own XO and used it at school and at home. Pupils, teachers and parents are satisfied with the XO, Sugar and the educational activities. The hardware could be faster and supplied with more internal memory.

In Februar 2009 we hope to start the eTwinning by supplying 80 pupils in El Rama with their XO. However now OLPC stops with the GiveMany programme it is not clear how to succeed. Maybe we can get some XO's from the ministry of Education who received in September 2008 3.000 XO's from TelMex and didn't use them untill now (!). This ministry is very happy with the OLPC projects from OpenWijs.nl and of Waveplace, an American foundation active in the Caribbean. For the next project the ministry will pay the Technico for El Rama who will support the teachers.

Primary Language Spanish
Number of Laptops 5000
Keyboard Layout OLPC Spanish Keyboard
Build 8.2.0 (767), 8.2.1
Date(s) Arrived in Country Octubre 2008
School Server
Deployment Status Interested in OpenWijs and Waveplace; working with regional teachers.

Primary Language Spanish
Number of Laptops 7500
Keyboard Layout OLPC Spanish Keyboard
Build 0.86warning.png"0.86" is not in the list of possible values (7.1.0 (650), 7.1.1 (653), 7.1.2 (656), 8.1.0 (703), 8.1.1 (708), 8.2.0 (767), 8.2.1, Candidate) for this property.
Date(s) Arrived in Country Noviembre 2010
School Server
Deployment Status Through the Zamora-Teran Foundation

Primary Language Spanish
Number of Laptops 12500
Keyboard Layout OLPC Spanish Keyboard
Build 0.86warning.png"0.86" is not in the list of possible values (7.1.0 (650), 7.1.1 (653), 7.1.2 (656), 8.1.0 (703), 8.1.1 (708), 8.2.0 (767), 8.2.1, Candidate) for this property.
Date(s) Arrived in Country Primavera 2011
School Server
Deployment Status Through the Zamora-Teran Foundation
Facts about OLPC NicaraguaRDF feed
Deployment status Interested in OpenWijs and Waveplace; working with regional teachers., and Through the Zamora-Teran Foundation
Has received laptops on date Octubre 2008  +, Noviembre 2010  +, and Primavera 2011  +
Keyboard OLPC Spanish Keyboard  +
Language spoken Spanish  +
Number of manufactured laptops 5,000  +, 7,500  +, and 12,500  +
Software release 8.2.0 (767)  +, 8.2.1  +, and warning.png"0.86" is not in the list of possible values (7.1.0 (650), 7.1.1 (653), 7.1.2 (656), 8.1.0 (703), 8.1.1 (708), 8.2.0 (767), 8.2.1, Candidate) for this property.
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