OLPC Santa Barbara Objectives


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OLPC Santa Barbara Objectives:

1) Providing XO Laptops: Bringing the XO to California Elementary students to empower them to engage in their own education in new ways, through the self-motivating and self-learning XO laptop.

2) Developing Software and Working with Teachers to Develop Further XO-Based Curriculums: To develop and document successful teaching strategies and curriculums using the XO in the classroom. This includes development of new programs and software.

3) Connecting Classrooms: Connecting classrooms in California with partner classrooms around the world, with new software and ways of utilizing the XO technology. Providing children with a “window to the world”, where they can connect and interact with partner schools established through OLPC SB, anywhere in the world.

4) Documentation/ Creating a Resource Model: Documenting, assessing, and creating a resource model out of our efforts that can be used to replicate the OLPC SB model throughout the United States, so our partnership program can inspire individuals and organizations to establish and lead new programs.

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