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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all Vermont-area OLPC enthusiasts with a way to work together to spread the word and help the OLPC project in anyway that we can.


All members must be in the Vermont area and be willing to spend time working in their own way to help the OLPC project. There is no need to have a XO and we would greatly accept anyone in Vermont willing to work with a team of Vermonters working on the OLPC project.

Vermont XO Owners

We are looking for people in the Vermont area who own a XO and are interested in participating in the Vermont OLPC group. Anyone who wants to join add your name and email to the user list below by editing the page.

Vermont XO Owners:

  • Charlie Wilson - chaswilson.vt@gmail.com
  • Steve Cavrak - steve.cavrak@uvm.edu
  • Peter Duval
  • Dan Dowling - dowling@wcax.com (not an owner, but interested in the program)
  • AuntiMame - I don't live in VT, but I'm usually in state one weekend a month.

Vermont Area Emulated Computers

We are also Interested in anyone in the Vermont area who wants to or already runs an emulation on your own computer. Add your name and email to the Emulated Computer list below by editing this page.

Vermont Emulated Computer:

  • Chris Bresee - chris.bresee@gmail.com
  • Julia Lynch - juliaslp@gmail.com

Emulating Sugar

If you don't own a XO from the G1G1 program, you still can be involved equally as well with an Emulated Sugar Environment. An emulator will work on most Operating Systems. Just follow the link for a download and you can get started.

Emulated Sugar Example:


Contact Information

Contact us by email at:

  • chaswilson.vt@gmail.com
  • chris.bresee@gmail.com
  • weaver-jd@comcast.net
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