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Math Buddy


This program will be designed to provide users with not only the answers to math problems they incorrectly answer, but to provide them with the option of multiple explanations for how one gets the answer. The key point here is that since children learn things in different ways, a child trying to learn math should be given a variety of explanations to choose from, so that they may learn in the way that best fits their needs.

Target math level: 3rd grade


This link gives an easy to search list of the research interests of UCSB Ed. professors. Looking up interests in math education would thus be ideal:

UCSB professor whose work focuses on multimedia learning (I know this professor personally).

Possible Resources: (aka unchecked websites)

Project Steps (tentative)

1. Contact local professors whose work focuses on how to teach math. Get advice and guidance on what teaching content/methods use and what to do.

2. Gather materials on different teaching methods.

3. Design sketch of what program would look like, aka powerpoint mock-up (be sure to apply principles of multimedia learning).

4. Get rough draft of product reviewed by teachers (most likely from Kellogg), professor of education in math, and professor of multimedia education (i.e. from the Psych department).

5. Get learning content and sketches to engineers.

6. When engineers are done, review finished prototype.

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