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Purpose: We want to find other groups and organizations in which we may collaborate with on any meaningful level. This includes for research, software development, general tips, etc.

Project 1: Find some contacts for our engineers to ask advice from, as we could use help in "bundling" the software for the XO. Writing code is the easy part, packaging the code into a usable .xo file is the hard part (.xo is like how Word has .doc and music has .mp3). If you don't get the technical aspects, don't worry. Point is, we're looking for people who have produced xo programs before (perhaps other university groups?) to ask for tips or guidance. So, lets find some possible contacts for our engineers. (2/26/10)

Project 2: Look up local UCSB groups and see what might work well for a collaboration. For example, I have heard some things about an women's software engineering group.

The OLPC Wiki -The wiki you are on right now. Difficult to navigate and difficult to find things on, but this is important nonetheless as much of OLPC is on it.

University program
-This link goes to this wiki's university section, which lists other programs going on in universities around the world (though mainly USA I think).

[www.sugarlabs.org] -A website dedicated to the development of applications for the XO. This includes programming all the way up to being the place to download the final product.

-Many groups post articles here, so you may find some mutually useful connections here.

[www.sa.ucsb.edu/orgs/] -Other campus groups here at UCSB. Some collaborations may be possible.

To Look Into:

Public Relations

Project 1: As this area of work hasn't been developed much, let me know some ideas of what you think we should do. If you want a specific task to work on for now, start by scouting out some other possible locations to post articles to in the future.

-This website is a great resource for new info, and will be a key location to submit articles regarding OLPC endeavors.

-Just found this, haven't seen much about it before...

-Our local UCSB newspaper.

We also have the contact information for a writer at www.freesoftware.com, and they have expressed interest us writing an article for them. If we go this route, I'll email you the contact info.

Our previous PR work

A 5 part article for OLPCnews.com, written by Jon Kalan (our former Director of International work)
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Article 5

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