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The goal of the OLPC Software team is to

  1. learn about programing for the xo
  2. participate in any ongoing software development and maintenance


The software team tries to arrange for as many trips to 1cc as possible to learn about the going-ons of OLPC. Starting next semester, we will offer

  1. a trip to 1cc every Sunday for support gang meetings
  2. (suggestions?)

Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects include

  1. AroundtheWorld
  2. Educational RPG Description: A large scale english-learning RPG game written by all of us in an effort to learn Python People interested: Yifan, Colin, Elsa, Zach Brass
  3. Simulink Lite for the OLPC Description: A lightweight simulink - like program that could be used to make flow diagrams, circuit diagrams, all sorts of nifty things. It's just lines and boxes, right? People interested: None
  4. English learning Description: A flikr - like program that links users to all kinds of useful existing English apps. If this works out well for the OLPC, ultimately it coudl be taken to the web. People interested: Elsa Culler, Colin Zwiebel
  5. IRC bots Description: a useful program to help with trac and that sort of stuff. Consult Stevo for bots. People interested: none
  6. App testing Description: testing apps! People interested: Colin Zwiebel, Zachary Brass
  7. Yalp Description: A music-mixing program People interested: Ben Fisher
  8. Text Twist: Description: Just like the Yahoo game, but for the xo People interested: Arash Ushani
  9. Musical notation (aka Finale or Sibelius) Description: a notation program for music People interested: None
  10. Incredible Machine Description: A Rube Goldberg simulation game Peole interested: Colin Zwiebel
  11. Crayon Physics Description: A physics simulation game, very much like the existing game People interested: Yifan Sun
  12. Chatbot Description: A chatbot, like Eliza People interested: Zachary Brass


Python tutorial

A quick one-week module on learning Python (under construction), found here


IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's basically a chatroom with people you actually care to talk to. There are several ways you can get IRC.

To get to general help IRC, just go to this link, and get yourself a nice nickname. To get to support-gang, type "/join #olpc-support-gang "

To get to other IRC channels, you may want to get yourself an IRC client. I (ysun) use mIRC for Windows and XChat for Fedora, but there are many other clients that a little googling will yield for you.

You will want to connect to freenode.com, and join into whatever channel you want. You can find the full list of OLPC IRC channels. Again, the command "/join #<channel>" will also get you into whatever channel is in your domain.

Using IRC is great and wonderful. I have never been rebuffed for my naive stupidity, and in fact have met many cool people and gotten past a lot of hoops by just pinging them anything I can think of. In fact, I think they're used to it. yifiy

Other Links

Meeting Notes - where we keep our meeting notes

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