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New Campaign Ideas

These are ideas proposed by group members which need definition. The first step is to break the task down in to small parts which can be done in 30 minutes or less. Once that is done, people can pick these up, do them and send an e-mail saying what they did.

Create Online Petition

  • Find online petition tools. Determine what the petition should say and who it should be directed to. Possibly starting point is this article:

  • Come up with a strategy to spread the word about the petition
  • Write the petition and submit it to the online site

Propose an update to MA laws

This recent ruling allows mechanical restraint with a doctor's note. Even if it is against the parents wishes.

  • Contact lawyers at Disability Law Center, Mass Advocates for Children or elsewhere. Ask them to help propose a change in the law to address thie BSEA ruling.
  • Create a brief talking points write up which asks State Reps and Senators to propose a change in the law.
  • Find a lead rep/senator to propose the legislation. Get as many consituents as possible to contact them.
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