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Literacy Kit


In rural areas of Pakistan education of a male child is emphasized and education of a female child is not taken seriously. OLPC laptop being the force of education to a child and his family, we have made available a non formal educational kit specifically designed focusing the female of the family. These publications come under the parents and community development program by the use of OLPC.


This content bundle is created with two major categories. One being the emphasis on personal hygiene and other on society and the role of people on society. The Pakistan Literacy Kit is a library bundle collection of 8 books with pictures localized for Pakistan. The file formats are pdf and the language is X.

The books are

  • Hunar Mand Hath (Skill full Hands) a story which teaches girls to sew
  • Aman ki Rahein (Peace Way) short stories about social/town conflicts and how to resolve them
  • Taraki ki baat hunar k sath (Development with skills) short recipe stories to teach girls how to cook and make use of cooking
  • Hamari Pehchan (Our Identity) a brief introduction to cultural heritage of Pakistan
  • Amal sey zindagi banti hai (to act is life) A guide for parents that why child education, especially female education is important.
  • Khared-o-farokht kay behtareen tareky (Best ways to buy and sell) Short stories for children about how to save and spend money
  • Qasbe kay mahool ka tahafuz (Environmental protection of town) comic stories for children that teach how to protect environment of their home and town
  • Anjany dukh (Unexpected sorrows) short stories for parents which teach about first aid and how to consult a doctor properly.



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