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This page is for ideas on helping parents, and resources of various kinds.

Participation by parents and other relatives of the schoolchildren is vital to the OLPC program. Children learn best by their own discovery, but they need guidance on what to explore and discover, and an opportunity to share the process with others. The children will have much to teach their parents. We are working on using text-to-speech software for literacy, and will find other ways to assist parents who did not have a chance at an education.

Parents may wish to join the Grassroots mailing list or any of the others that relate to their interests and knowledge. We would encourage parents to start mailing lists in their own languages. Parents can also take an active part in their children's education by joining or starting a Localization project. It is not necessary to be literate, or to know English, in order to join a local discussion, along with the children, about the computer's user interface.

Orientation Program for Parents and Other Stakeholders in Nepal

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