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This page lists conferences hosted by OLPC or at which OLPC presented, and links to slides and video of the talks where possible.

  • For presenting XOs at conferences or events, or a calendar of upcoming events, see XO roadshows.
  • For historical presentations about the XO, see below or bug sj or cscott who may have other materials.
  • For banners, posters, and other printable handouts, see posters.



These are workshops and conferences organized by OLPC or Sugar Labs. For ideas about how to work workshops into deployments, see Deployment Guide/Teacher Preparation Student Facilitation.

April 2008 Technical Mini-conference
This was the first technical "state of the OLPC" meeting. OLPC employees gave technical talks on topics spanning the current software stack, presenting both current and future work.
May 2008 Country Workshop
OLPC announced its second-generation laptop design. Countries presented the state of their deployment and pilot projects. OLPC employees presented talks on learning, technical issues, and community building.
June 2008 Tech Team Seminars
We took advantage of a window of opportunity when many of OLPC's far-flung employees were in Cambridge to have a series of seminars outlining the state of many of our projects.
August 2008 Networking Talk
Ricardo Carrano presented, "Recent Investigations and Future Developments in the Wireless Front"
November 2008 Sugarcamp
Sugar Labs organized a conference in November 2008.

Future workshops


Please see:


  • early October : Ethiopia

Other presentations

Here are a couple of introductory presentations that you may find useful. Note that you can give presentations effectively in Etoys, including an olpc-style toolbar; and that you can use remote display to present directly from your XO. In Etoys, you can import a standard powerpoint or open office slidestack into Etoys. You can also create a presentation from scratch in Etoys, including both static text and images (as with other presentation software), scripts and moving objects, and other (programmable) Etoys components.

Videos of presentations
This videosite has most videos published online of major OLPC presentations

Slides and other Presentations
This site has many OLPC slidesets.



Developer Relations

    • Python User's Group Developer Relations Presentation to large Python user's group in Toronto, Canada. English, 46 slides, approximately 30 minutes speaking time.
    • University of Toronto Systems Group slightly more refined version of the previous presentation including images from OLPC Nepal and OLPC Colombia presentations. English, 60 slides, approximately 40 minutes speaking time.
    • Tirana University Computer Engineering presentation at the state University of Albania. More background/general introduction than the previous set. English, 49 slides, approximately 1.5 hours speaking time.
    • University of Toronto TechKnowFile (closing plenary) presentation at an internal conference of IT professionals and educators at the University of Toronto. Focus is on making the case for academics to join the project in order to increase the relevance of their work. English, 63 slides, approximately 1 hour speaking time.
    • Ignite Presentation at DemoCamp Toronto #14, 5 minutes, 20 slides, also used for a 10 minute presentation at another event. Basic project introduction and request for volunteers.
  • Stanford University Mark Foster's excellent talk given at Standford University. Somewhat technical presentation.
  • Ian Bicking's slides from the UniForum talk, April 24 2007. General OLPC introduction for a technical audience. 26 slides. I talked for an hour, but it entirely depends on how chatty you are.
  • OLPC Mesh Javier Cardona's presentation at FISL 2007 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Details about mesh networking and useful information for developing applications that use the mesh on the OLPC.
  • Antoine's Slides Source From a presentation to the Cape Linux Users Group in South Africa on XO application development. Technical audience. Talked for two hours. Has a Hello World for Sugar.
  • LeTourneau University - TommyGober's brief overview of OLPC for local ACM chapter - mainly talking points, laptop needed at end for demonstration purposes.
  • Portable Culture Machines - Jonah Bossewitch's presentation of OLPC at Teachers College's Popular Culture in the Classroom Conference (3/07)
  • Journal, reloaded contains slides and video from a talk User:CScott gave on next-generation journal designs.
  • USMP-FIA "Software challenges" talk. Given by User:CScott on 2008-10-25 (en espaƱol)
  • Additional presentations at
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