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Iain Davidson, Bellingham, WA

Wiki, Support-gang, testing, repair-center, devel, and for even more details .


Currently volunteers most of his time to local and international non-profits, (60 - 80 hrs / month). Squeezes-in enough income (mostly via telecommute projects), to pay for expenses, and asks for nothing more. :]

A computer-science graduate of Western Washington University (WWU) in Bellingham, WA along with spending most of his life there. Worked for Microsoft in late 1980's as a product support co-op/intern for Macintosh Applications. Starting early 1990's worked for WWU as IT consultant, which eventually evolved into Housing Info Technology Services (HITS) Manager for University Residences (> $1 Million budget, 10 staff, 100+ workstations, etc.). In 2005, decided to leave the corporate '9-6' (50-60hr/week) responsibilities. Scaled down consumption, to be able to leave 'low to the ground' at less than $24K per year via "sustainable green living practices". Has solar panels, wind mills, conserves water/gas/electricity, green power, Zero Waste, eWaste Management, reduce/reuse/recycling, etc.. Avid supporter of FOSS especially: Ubuntu, OpenSuSe, and LAMP. Avid supporter of listening to new ideas, and creating unique agreeable solutions to conflicted issues.

"Live self-less-ly, and give to others more". :)
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