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What is the XO 1.5 Media Effort?

The XO15ME is an effort started by me, Tiago Marques, to help create the media buzz that will be necessary for the new XO 1.5, if and when a G1G1 takes place.


To inexpensively advertise the new laptop as a viable alternative to the legions of laptops currently being sold, to a highly targeted audience that will be very interested in contributing to the project. Helping the media provide important feedback of what might be improved if there is interest in reaching a bigger audience in the consumer market.


The first place to start divulging information is the Silicon Madness website[1], my two year old hardware news and reviews website that gets 30k visitors per month currently, being often linked by bigger names in the computer hardware media. The next step is to try and get other important, bigger websites to cover the XO 1.5 in more detail than ever before for the XO-1, starting by sites like Phoronix, a linux targeted hardware website, Anandtech, PC Perspective, Xbitlabs, etc. Phoronix, being a site covering Linux software, is full of developers and contributors that will be worth showing the new machine in full detail. The new machine, being able to boot not just the Sugar desktop but also a full Gnome environment, becomes an appropriate alternative to most netbooks on the market than the XO-1 ever was. I'd like to personally explain how an XO differs from the regular Windows install in things like Gnash vs Adobe Flash, why this is so and how to help the prospective user to be informed about how easy it is to fix this before they even have an XO. It is important to show that the XO 1.5 can be used for much that netbooks do today but with a bigger battery life and a daylight readable display, among other things. Suspend resume in ~150ms is something quite unknown in the media and it's something sure to raise some eyebrows. Showcasing the XO 1.5 running software like Hulu, Youtube and HD videos of major importance, if everything is able to run smoothly. Being green is also something to pursue and the XO 1.5 excels at that.

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