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Use this on Category:Software features pages. The value is the Page for the deployment (e.g. "OLPC Xyz") or engineer (e.g. "User:John Doe") that requested the feature. Can have multiple values if many deployments and engineers request a feature.

Template:Feature tracking adds this property to pages. Enables a dynamic Feature roadmap — see Semantic MediaWiki#For software features.

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Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.PageThis type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.

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Pages using the property "Requested by"

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Feature roadmap/"Asynchronous internet" +CScott  +
Feature roadmap/802.1x support +OLPC Uruguay  +
Feature roadmap/Accurate touchpad +Carla  +, OLPC Rwanda  +, OLPC Ethiopia  +,
Feature roadmap/Activation lease security +OLPC Peru  +, Ethiopia (especially last point)  +, Uruguay?  +
Feature roadmap/Activation via wireless +Kimquirk  +
Feature roadmap/Activity updater improvements +CScott  +
Feature roadmap/Asynchronous collaboration +Juliano  +, Cynthia  +
Feature roadmap/Automatically recognize XO on restore page +Reuben  +
Feature roadmap/Backup to Internet +Walter  +
Feature roadmap/Better Arabic Support +Dubai  +, OLPC Palestine  +, Lebanon refugee camps (Sabra and Shatilla)  +
Feature roadmap/Better eBook reader +Alabama  +, Haiti  +, Devel thread  +
Feature roadmap/Blinking lights usage +Mikus  +
Feature roadmap/Browse update and multi-media +Skierpage  +
Feature roadmap/Caps lock option +Jg  +
Feature roadmap/Clipboard +Eben  +
Feature roadmap/Collaboration groups +OLPC Peru  +
Feature roadmap/Concept maps +Panama  +, OLPC Sur  +
Feature roadmap/Contextual help +Brianne  +
Feature roadmap/Copying files between Journal and USB +Bzg  +, OLPC Uruguay  +
Feature roadmap/Debug tool +OLPC Uruguay  +
Feature roadmap/Document and improve default network connection +?  +
Feature roadmap/Easy "Sugarization" +Wanda  +, David  +
Feature roadmap/Enhanced i18n +Sayamindu  +
Feature roadmap/Faster activity launch and save +OLPC Peru  +, OLPC Uruguay  +
Feature roadmap/Faster imaging +OLPC Ethiopia  +, OLPC Rwanda  +, Haiti  +
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