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This is a property of type String.

Template:Test case, filled in by Form:Test case, adds this property to pages.

Facts about Test objectiveRDF feed
Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.StringThis type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.

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Tests/Acquiring a developer key +Verify that a secured XO can be made unsecured by obtaining a [[developer key]] online and performing the procedure to turn a secured XO into an unsecured one according to the XO's provided instructions.  +
Tests/Activity/Abacus +basic functional test  +
Tests/Activity/Analyze +basic functional test  +
Tests/Activity/Browse +Basic testing of activity  +
Tests/Activity/Browse/No Visualization +Confirm that the totem plugin's audio visualization is disabled, as this is a waste of power and CPU.  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate +basic activity testing  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/AlgebraAndConstantTest +Test three functions for the algebra feature, also test the constants of the Calculate activity  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/BooleanAndLabelTest +Test the boolean and the label features for the Calculate activity  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/CosSinTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/CosTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/FourArithmeticOperationsTest +Test the calculate activity basic functionalities  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/SinCosTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/SinTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/SquareTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/additionTest +addition of numbers  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/clearTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/cubeTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/divisionTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/logTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/multiplicationTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/squarerootTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/subtractionTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/tanTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/turnoffTest +passed  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/turnon Test +passed  +
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