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  • To motivate children to go school and participate in school activities
  • To train primary school teachers how to use modern technology for educational purposes.
  • To improve literacy percentage in Bangladesh
  • To educate children how to use modern technology
  • To educate children how to get information through internet
  • To create an areawise network comminuty
  • Enhancing family entertainment through OLPC program and adtional: One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) program
  • To prove the importance of having computers in primary schools in Bangladesh


                PLAN ACTION A:
We are planning to start this project according to governing system in
Bangladesh. The system is consist of the following way: many villages
> one Union, many Unions consist one Upazila, many Upazilas consist one
> District,
> many Districts consist the country.
> So, first we will select rural Unions and all those primary schools in
> those
> Unions. We will provide OX laptops to those children (age 6-12). At
> the
> beginning of the program we will chech if they know the letters. The
> program
> will include 2 lessons of 1,5 hours per week. Every two months we will
> make a
> test to check the results of study. After main school vacation we will
> give
> final questionnaires to understand how much children remember the use
> of OX 
> laptops, how much they used laptops during the vacations at home and
> with the
> family members, what did they use it for ect.
> If tests show positive results, we will extend our project from Union
> to Upazila
> level then Distric level and then the whole country.
>                 PLAN ACTION B:
> As it is important to improve literacy among adults, too; we will
> provide OX
> laptops to selected adults (age: around 50) in an Union. In a priod of
> one year
> we will check the improvement of literacy among adults. If this shows
> positive
> result then we will try to ask organizations and institutions to
> provide
> economic support to produce OX laptops also for adults in Bangladesh.
> Why is this project needed?
> A:  as you have read the objectives, it is clear that this project is
> very
> essential for a poor country like Bangladesh to improve the literacy
> level of
> people.
> Locally?
> A:  The children education will give them better motivation to improve
> their
> life standards.
> In the greater OLPC/Sugar community?
> A: It will be clear that how much the XO machines are useful and
> applicable for
> different purposes in an area where there is no electricity.
> Outside the community?
> A:  They will know the benefits of XO machines and would coleborate to
> enhance
> the usability.
> Why can't this project be done in emulation using non-XO machines?
> A: country like Bangladesh can't afford huge amount of money for
> computers which
> are expensive.
> Why are you requesting the number of machines you are asking for?
> A: Because of the number of students and teachers in a primary school.
> Will you consider (1) salvaged/rebuilt or (2) damaged XO Laptops?
> A: All kinds of possible consideration will depend on our outcomes of
> the
> project. If we get the better results, then we will encourage all the
> possible
> responsible institutions to support OLPC program to develop in various
> ways.
> In the beginning we will web-publish the project and this completed
> proposal on
> a blog and notify you about its adress (after you confirm it). We can
> join our
> information in your OLPC internet site and present all about our
> project in
> Bangladesh, there.
> This is how we will also convey tentative ideas & results back to the
> OLPC/Sugar
> community, prior to completion. 
> Yes, we need help forcommunicatingwith OLPC/Sugar global community.
> We will also present the final fruits of our labor to the children or
> community
> members worldwide on the mentioned blog adress and OLPC internet site.
> Ourwork will probably not have any possible applications or use
> outside our
> community. If in the future there will be a possible application, we
> will let
> you know.
> We have not yet investigated working with nearby XO Lending Libraries
> or Project
> Groups.
> Yes, our Project would benefit from Support, Documentation and Testing
> people.
> We need information about Teachers' input into Usability.
> We will also need technical support and/or mentoring about that.
> Our work  will you promoted through school experts and teachers, also
> through
> articles in newspapers and magazines, billboards ect . and through    
> community
> getherings.
> All kinds of mentoring is welcomed. Yes, we need experienced mentors
> from the
> OLPC/Sugar community.
> Maximum estimated period of time will be one year and 2 months
> including all
> school holidays. Update progress of the project will be on the
> internet for all.
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