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Random Game Evaluations

Student Activity/Game Educational Value Rating Good?
James C. Wesnoth N
Dennis Jalbert SocialCalc social txt.com Spreadsheet values, business stuff standard
Johnathon S Bridge build bridges strong enough to carry cars + the cost to do it Y
Kennedy K Cobble make your own games (card, board, etc) math probably also still in development
Anthony K Dr Geo etoys math geometry not as intuitive, upper learning
Michell D Model beta, flow charts boxes/ simulate a game like it? N ?
Brian L Cell management not math, bio strategy game, cell regulation tile based Y, higher level, 8th grade
Brendon Deducto cells, black & white, T/False, have to deduce what problems are higher level like sudoku
Nate C Schoolsplay read/write activities -- in development N
Anthony Science Collections e-books, txt/animation resource txt of subjects Y
James F Info Slicer archives from websites, same as files for xo's Y
Tyler B E paath distribution of files math games language barrier math computation Y
Eric Fun Towers users attempt to delete from a pyramid cards representing math facts that correspond to an answer card that the user is given, involves strategy as well as knowledge of math facts, can be used for multiple disciplines Y (convert to math problems)
Chris D Dice Wars Strategy like Risk, Math/plan Y - OLPC implementation available, may want to edit to hook into math api
Jermiah G Frotz data/txt game, infocom, creates games, can port (no graphic animation) Y possibilities to help, but old txt-based
Wes D KuKu grid, problem solver, math-based + populates grid, navigate & eat answer. Y good platform for game customization
Abbi Produce Puzzle Algebra game Y, needs some TLC
Doug K Cuyo Tetris based game using block groups instead of completed lines. Many different strange levels Y, if added math themed levels
Jonathan S Bridge Physics, Problem solving Y, if a little easier to use and could recall the last structure that was built. Functionality is not complete.
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