RIT honors seminar, developing for the OLPC XO/20 March 2009


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See http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Math4Team/RIT/Students for the class roster.

Edited chat session notes:

	10:02	NickServ	You are now identified for FGrose.
	10:02	FGrose	Math4 session about to begin, hello
	10:03	FGrose	We are in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Institute of Technology
	10:04	FGrose	Stephen Jacobs is introducing himself
	10:04	FGrose	#startmeeting
	10:06	FGrose	Class will do research and prototyping for first 5 weeks, at least
	10:08	FGrose	Pygame will be one tool set
	10:10	FGrose	Planning to have several guest lecturers
	10:10	FGrose	who will talk about different aspects of open source development
	10:12	FGrose	Steve has run 30-40 project-based classes in his career at RIT
	10:12	FGrose	2 or 3 have been train wrecks caused by non collaboration
	10:13	FGrose	Group participation is key success factor.
	10:13	FGrose	He will fail those who don't participate (paraphrased)
	10:14	FGrose	He will be inviting consultants to help on localization
	10:14	FGrose	Friends in Steve's game developing network will be invited
	10:15	FGrose	Non-class time is expected to be a major part of the course, as there is only one weekly meeting
	10:15	FGrose	No quizes, no papers. Class should be focused on building stuff
	10:16	FGrose	Floor is open for questions,   any here?
 	10:17	FGrose	The greater Math4 Project is likely to be an 18-month project.
                        Those that want to continue work beyond May 2009 will have some mechanisms.
	10:18	FGrose	Co-ops are a possibility
	10:19	FGrose	Paid co-ops are less likely these days
	10:20	FGrose	Steve will be searching for funds
	10:21	FGrose	Most students have brought the flash drives he asked for in an email, Steve is pleased
	10:21	FGrose	Now passing out "You break it--you bought it" forms.
	10:22	FGrose	This is for the 25 XOs that he is preparing to turn over.
	10:28	FGrose	They will be updating the OS to OLPC build 767, stable
	10:31	FGrose	So everyone is busy now sorting out the OS and registration forms
	10:39	FGrose	some questions on batter life and power consumption
	10:41	FGrose	One has faulted on the touchpad
	10:42	FGrose	they will spend another 20 minutes to verify that the XOs are working well
	10:46	FGrose	Current XO owners are describing their personal uses
	10:47	FGrose	One likes the different UI
	10:47	FGrose	One student's sister has one that she uses for war driving
	10:48	FGrose	(That's RF jamming)
	10:50	FGrose	Comments: "great Ebook reader"
	10:55	FGrose	Open Source software users: ~ 16/20 of class
	10:56	FGrose	open source hardware users: (previous to this class): 2 or 3
	11:04	FGrose	http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Math4Team/RIT/Students will be populated
	11:08	FGrose	Students are impressed with the XO chipset
	11:11	FGrose	Discussing collaboration framework a little
	11:14	FGrose	Reviewing the G1G1 set of Activities available in the build
	11:26	FGrose	Goal for User's group meeting on Thursday: Lots of bookmarks -> useful bookmarks on Delicious hub for class
	11:27	FGrose	http://delicious.com/maths4olpc/
	11:28	FGrose	Start thinking about what to research on your own, such as networking capabilities
                        and ways to take advantage of them
	11:30	FGrose	By end of class today:
	11:31	FGrose	1) Friend each other on XO
	11:31	FGrose	2) Write ID# on XO
	11:31	FGrose	3) check out with Eric Grace
	11:34	FGrose	By Thursday 7 pm, Rochester SIG meeting, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Rochester,_NY#Event_calendar
	11:34	FGrose	1) Review bookmarks
	11:35	FGrose	2) post your info to Math4 RIT wiki
	11:35	FGrose	3) Go to SIG meeting
	11:37	FGrose	Goal for SIG meeting is to identify other potential collaborations and coalesce some collaborators
	11:37	FGrose	1b) add more useful bookmarks
	11:39	FGrose	4) join http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/fourthgrademath
	11:39	FGrose	Misunderstandings:
	11:40	FGrose	1) There will not be "One" game as class product
	11:42	FGrose	Weeks 1-5: research + brainstorming
	11:42	FGrose	weeks 5-10: build prototypes,  finished projects are not expected
	11:43	FGrose	Learn rapid prototyping
	11:45	FGrose	Broken projects are successes
	11:45	FGrose	No prototypes means failure
	11:47	FGrose	Some XO software wishes for convenience: a clock, some simple pda functions
	11:50	FGrose	Class is wrapping up now
        11:51	FGrose	Professor has to leave; class dismissed.
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