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For research and academic papers about OLPC, see OLPC research

For issues of research about and related to OLPC, we have a low-traffic mailing list :

  • Impact on children, schools, communities
  • Responses to same
  • Networks of similar projects
  • Constructionism
  • Bibliographies and survey papers

These are generally not projects carried out by OLPC, but a community discussion of proposed projects by universities and other organizations.

Interested participants

Please link to your user page where possible.

  • Kaleel urRahuman
  • Sangamitra R
  • Jennifer DeBoer
  • Rob Faris
  • Mike Best
  • The Poverty Lab (US)
  • Barrett Strickland
  • Poornima Padmanabhan
  • Sofie Blinkenberg
  • Edward Mokurai Cherlin


If you are working on a project, know of a project, or would like to start a project, please list it here, create a page for it or add a ==Research== section to an existing page, and tell us how to contact the principals.

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