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Various methods of running SNES related software on the XO laptop.

ZSNES (via source)

(per (broken link) and )

In Terminal, do the following:

1. Download ZSNES

$ wget ''

2. Extract it.

$ tar jxvf zsnes151src.tar.bz2

3. Go into the source directory.

$ cd zsnes_1_51/src/

4. Open up a root shell to install dependencies (click on the 'become root' icon):

5. Install dependencies:

$ yum install gcc gcc-g++ make nasm zlib SDL-devel

6. Leave the root shell:

$ exit

7. Build ZSNES. These are two separate lines:

$ ./configure --disable-debugger --disable-opengl
$ make

8. Run it!

$ ./zsnes


  • Not able to increase the screen resolution. (640x480 and larger resolutions depend on having OpenGL)
  • You can center the display by going to Config -> Video and selecting "640x480 DR F".

Network play

Install zsnes1.36 the same way as freelikegnu's instructions (, with a few substitutions:

download zsnes1.36 source instead of zsnes1.51:

$ wget

extract by:

$ tar -xvzf zsnes136src.tar.gz

and the extracted files are different now so:

$ cd zsnes-1.36/src

the rest should be the same. once you get zsnes installed, you need to find the server xo's mesh ip address to give to whoever wants to join. i have wifi-radar installed in xfce, i'm not sure, but you may need it

for this to work in xfce. 

In the termial:

$ /sbin/ifconfig

the second line under the heading "msh0" shows your ip, right after "inet addr:"

Now you've got all the pieces, here's some more instructions and info on how to set up netplay:

Zsnes 1.36 , has the most stable netplay, but possible a later version with enabled netplay, might work better (maybe 1.42?).

ZSNES (via binaries)

Some pre-compiled binaries..

$ wget
$ bzip2 -d zsnes.bz2

You're probably going to need to install some other dependcies for it to work.

$ yum install nasm zlib


  • It is not possible to increase the screen resolution, as 640x480 and larger resolutions depend on having OpenGL. The image thus is only at most one third of the screens width.
  • At least on release 656, it is not practically possible to use the control keys next to the screen for playing, since only one of those can ever succesfully be pressed at a time (e.g. you cannot jump and run).
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