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This is a page for reviewers, with a list of materials to be tested and instructions on how to test them.

  • read the instructions below.
  • If you want to join a Review squad, read the main review squad page for instructions.
  • If you're a developer or contributor and want your content tested, add your content to the "Content to test" list, below. There is no hard deadline, but keep in mind the testing times - the earlier in the cycle you get things in, the better chance you have of getting more reviews

You can always suggest changes for the developers to make for the next release in September, and it is always great for other students to be able to see what you think about the video they are watching or the book they are reading.


  1. Sign up. If you are not already a Review squad member, follow steps 1 and 2 under "How To Join Us" on this page (create a wiki account and send the Review squad application to Mel.)
  1. Play with the content in the Content to test section. As you are playing, think of what you like and don't like about it. Is it fun? Hard to use? Does it teach you something? Think of what it might be like for a kid your age in a different country, maybe one who doesn't speak your language or who hasn't used a computer before. Would they experience the material any differently?
  1. Write reviews. For each bit of content material you look at, write a review. Reviews are basically a description of what you think about the activity, and can be in any format, but need to include your wiki username and the name of the content you are reviewing.
  • Really, you can write whatever you want in whatever way you want to write it! The Review squad rating form has some suggestions, or check out some of the existing reviews for ideas, like this one for Blue Sky.
  • If you try to look a piece of content (you are trying to read a book, or play a song, for instance) and it is broken so that you can not even start to use it, we really need to know this. Please add it to the Bug list right away.
  1. Post your reviews. This is done by adding your review to the appropriate wiki-page, which should be listed in the #Reviews section below (some of the wiki-pages may be blank - that's ok! it means you are the first reviewer for that item). If there is no wiki-page for the content you are reviewing, make one and link to it in that section. If you're new to wikis and need some guidance, check out the Wikieducator tutorials.
  • You may want to link to your review from your user page so you can show people all the reviews you've written at once. Some good examples of this are Dadoggiedude's and Rootbeer's userpages.

July reviews

  • - the current OLPC sample library. This should be tested - explore it, listen to music you like, read books you want, check out links we've included, and let us know how we could improve the library for other students.
  • Kuku Anakula - a math game. Install and testing instructions are here.
  • Rule Requires an XO. It's never been run on an one, so there's never been a real test of the concept. I'd like a reality check.
    1. Wander around measuring things. Your hand, a coin, anything.
    2. How does it feel? What do you like and dislike about it?
  • Stopwatch-1.xo Requires emulation or an XO. Feedback can be left on User_talk:MitchellNCharity.
    1. How's the user interface? Any suggestions?
  • Size-1.xo Requires B3 or B4. This is merely a concept sketch, rather than anything resembling a Trial-2 candidate in its current form. It has never been run on an XO, and may simply run too slowly. I'd like to know before attempting to clean it up for T-2, or otherwise continuing to work on it. Feedback can be left on User_talk:MitchellNCharity.
    1. Do all or some of the graphics zoom smoothly? Any not?
    2. Any memory or XO problems?


this should move to a proper web app with forms and better searching

Comments and requests

STEM comments

  • Every time I press back to go to the last page i takes me back to the home page.
  • You should be able to click a file and download it, without having to open more files, it might be confusing to most children.
  • Not very fun clicking files.
    ntr : is there a simple way to make non-interactive browsing more fun? better link style?
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