Slider Puzzle: Lesson Plans Overview


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Slider Puzzle: Lesson Plans Overview

A slider puzzle is a classic logic game that challenges a player to slide tiles on a board to form a picture or pattern. You may not lift any tile off the board; you can only slide a tile up, down, right or left. You must use strategy and logic to find a sequence of moves that will allow you to unscramble the tiles and solve the puzzle.

This digital Slider Puzzle provides a fun context for young learners (and beginning XO users) to explore basic functions of the XO Laptop, learn individual and collaborative problem-solving skills, and develop creative projects that reflect an understanding of curriculum they are studying.

Throughout the school year, the Slider Puzzle activity can be integrated into different subject areas (i.e. geography, math, creative writing). Students can make puzzle images relating to a subject the class is studying, and share them with peers. In the process they will also learn how to use and integrate the output from XO Paint program, Camera, Mesh Network, and other tools.


  • Practice using logic and strategic thinking to solve a problem.
  • Practice visual comparison and problem solving skills.
  • Practice discussing thought processes around problem solving.
  • Learn to explain ideas, thought processes and strategies to peers.
  • Learn from classmates.
  • Learn how to use specific programs of the XO Laptop.
  • Learn how to use the Paint Program with a game.
  • Learn to work together on a project.
  • Learn to express ideas you are studying through an original project.

Lesson Plans:

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