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Songbird is a media application similar to iTunes. It is available for linux and can be installed on the OLPC XO. To do this, I downloaded the file Songbird_0.4_linux-i686.tar.gz into the olpc folder. I did this by downloading it from with firefox, which I also have installed on my XO. Once the file was downloaded, I then ran the terminal activity and entered:


cd ./olpc

tar -xzf Songbird_0.4_linux-i686.tar.gz

cd ./Songbird


There was then a list of error messages but it did open and seemed to be running fine, if slow. I have tested it with my iPod touch and gen 4 iPod with color. The touch did not mount, and the gen 4 mounted, all songs and playlists are visible, but the songs will not play.

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