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Lesson 2: Write a story using the Story Builder

Note: You can do this activity alone, or with a partner.

  1. Open the MaMaMedia Activity Center from the XO Home screen.
  2. Open the Story Builder from the MaMaMedia Activity Center.
  3. A jungle scene will appear in the activity. Jungle characters will appear in the boxes on the left side of the picture.
  4. Click and drag a character into the scene. Try out all the different characters. To remove one, click on it and drag it to the edge of the scene.
  5. You can choose a different scene using the Background chooser under the picture. Any characters you added will travel into the new background. You can remove them if you like, or keep them.
  6. Once you are happy with the scene and characters, write a short story in the text box provided. Be sure to include a problem and a resolution.
  7. Remember to save your story, so you can go back to it.
  8. Once your story is complete, share it with the class.
  9. Discuss with classmates what was difficult and what was easy. Is it easier to write a story without a setting or does having an image of the setting help you write the story more easily?
  10. Record all the ideas using the WRITE activity on the XO Laptop.
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