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Rosco is the "radio station on the go." It is meant to be a fully functional radio station that fits on a USB stick. Simply (1) plug in the USB stick, (2) plug in a radio transmitter to the audio output, and (3) reboot. The computer will come up with Rosco loaded and ready to transmit. Stories are automatically downloaded from webdav, or you can record your own audio. The project is aimed at facilitating communication in cricumstances where there may be no internet or phone connectivity - such as, say, an emergency or refugee situation. However, it can be used simply for sharing stories or providing a source of local entertainment.


   *     Application - Python, GTK and GStreamer
   *     Disk Image - Custom Debian-based  bootable 


  1. Modify for installation and operation as an "Activity" on OLPC
  2. Implement scrubbing through audio files
  3. Create ROSCO documentation and help files (screen shots, graphics, etc)
  4. Create internationalization framework
  5. Make Rosco bootable with more wireless drivers and boot probe scripts
  6. Make Win32 version

Get the code

   svn co


   radio, python, linux, debian, gtk, gstreamer, glade, usb, audio
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