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Please share your experiences with and comments about the B4 Suspend ECR.

We *do* see memory corruption

In the "High Frequency Power Supply Noise" section, we say we don't see memory corruption except on one laptop. That appears to not be true: #4449, #4459. Why #4459 was closed is anybody's guess: if two people report that main memory has become corrupt, they're guaranteed to have the same cause??! We don't even know how many bits, bytes or pages were affected in the two documented cases, nor how many undocumented cases of memory corruption have occurred.

Richard Smith alleges memory corruption problems due to VMEM glitching during a DCON power turnon or turnoff (I'm not sure which). I don't know where these are documented; I think they were fixed by a hardware revision while testing early MP units.

I don't think we know if that DCON power hardware problem caused the two documented tickets. (Was the DCON power being switched at any time during those tests?)

I don't think there's a cogent summary in the wiki about what was learned and what further ECR's were made during early MP testing.

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