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Format of test data

I'd like to suggest some basic Activity tests that should be run on all Activities with pages. I've been running (most of) these manually from time to time, and reporting results via email (both to public lists and hunting down some activity authors on specific cases), some seem really obvious but you'd be surprised how many fail:

  • Basic checks
    • Activity could start
    • Could stop (all must work ctrl-q alt-esc, toolbar, Frame)
    • Journal entry created
    • Useful resume
    • Useful screen rotate (i.e. activity is still usable in portrait orientation)
    • Usefull with backlight off (i.e. reasonable use of colour choices so that monochrome mode is still usable)
    • Sound works (only if activity is known that is should be making sound)
    • Picks-up Journal entry title change while active (i.e editing Journal title while instance is resumed should update its title as well)
    • Names Frame palette to match the resumed title (i.e the frame pop-up menu should show the title)
  • More geeky checks (could script these, perhaps just watch for bundle-builder warnings)
    • License entry in
    • Using bundle_id in
    • Watch for memory leaks over time
    • Watch for excessive CPU use when otherwise idle
  • Requires 2 or more XOs (or other distros, but that would be a more 'Sugar' testing focus)
    • Supports useful collaboration
      • Test on Mesh (no jabber server)
      • Test on AP (no jabber server)
      • Test on Mesh (connected to jabber server)
      • Test on AP (connected to jabber server)

Also love the idea/plan to add a badge, or badges, to each activity wiki page, could have a section with a range of badges for passes/fails/na (green/red/grey theme icons) in specific categories, would be happy to push some pixels to get the ball rolling. The badges should also link to a page that describes the badge and how to test and submit your own results. --Garycmartin 02:20, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

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