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Could the OLPC management please make this page an officially-maintained OLPC page so that if an educator or publisher arrives at this page after entering the url on a printed card the page carries only content of high-quality provenance so that the educator or publisher can quickly gain information of whom to contact and of how to make contact.

We are trying to make as many pages as possible publicly maintained; for instance, much of the content-sharing, aggregation, and distribution will take place through third party educational and editorial groups -- this should be a well-maintained page, but anyone involved with the content-creation process is welcome to add information to it. Sj 13:36, 6 July 2006 (EDT)


Availability via Download

Will the contributed material be available for public download? Or will you accept only material that are already available for download, and will make available an additional OLPC repository site for it? What license/s will be accepted? Thanks. - User:Raffy

The licencing is further discussed here: OLPC on open source software however it could be better organized to explicitly cover both software and content licencing.

Language vs Language

We need a way of distringuishing between the language of the material and the content of the material. For example, the Logo Challenges page, which happens to be in Spanish, should be categorized as Mathematics. Walter 16:11, 7 July 2006 (EDT)

Other considerations

>How could we possibly fit all software donated to the OLPC on a single page.

Well, maybe not on a single page, yet a single page could provide an index page for other pages which together list all software donated to OLPC. Yet not this page!
A concern is that the excellent idea of the cards and any effort spent in producing and distributing them may be wasted if responsing to the url on the cards simply produces a mountain wall of a learning curve rather than clear, concise and precise information that will encourage educators and educational publishers to give content to the OLPC project: such encouragement including assurances that so doing will not damage their business activity in developed countries.

suggestions from memracom

  1. delete all content in the categories
  2. make a simple prose page that explains how and why to contribute content to the OLPC
  3. shorten the page title
  4. salvage a couple of the category items by putting them on a page of testimonials from people who support the OLPC. Or maybe just keep the testimonial bits on the prose page
  5. create a page for non open-source content licensed for use on OLPC
  6. suggest that the various country groups maintain pages with a list of software that has been localised in one of their languages
  7. create a category for general purpose open source software that has been adapted to the OLPC. This covers stuff like AbiWord and Evince. -- 20:53, 7 July 2006 user:Memracom

A call for content ideas

In the article there is a section about "A call for content ideas".

Is that section "the call" or is "the call" somewhere else such as in a press release sent to organizations such as CNN in the hope that they will publicise the call and provide valuable publicity for the OLPC project as regards gathering in content?

AndriusKulikauskas 13:14, 21 August 2007 (EDT) Our lab Minciu Sodas, is starting to publish onto flash drives that we're shipping to East Africa. We're assembling our content (100 MB or so) here. It would be great to work together and experiment now.

Ethical Public Domain

AndriusKulikauskas 13:14, 21 August 2007 (EDT) Our open laboratory Minciu Sodas, has since 1998 promoted the use of the Public Domain (except as noted) rather than licenses such as copyleft or copyright. We're interested to do more to foster the culture of the Public Domain. For this reason we have a website Ethical Public Domain. If there is interest here, we would gladly pursue this together.

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