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updating metadata discussion.

  • make versioning clear to the user
    • parents : identify derived codebases, the branch point and the version at the branch
  • make dependencies clear and explicit
    • define sugar/platform versions; can't keep api compat forever
      note that something /could/ work on future platform versions, not guaranteed.
      platform name and #. "sugar 0", since we don't have explicit versioning yet
      nnb: we don't have a platform name : OLPC OS? Sugar/Linux? Sugar?
tv : 'the sweet machine' coming with sugar.



journal : journal of events and actions requested by the user via sugar
yellow : see journal

system services, in-process

horizon : see
hulahop :
datastore :
widgets :
xpcom : (including bookmarkservice, &c)

system services, out-of-process

spellcheck :
tts :
rainbow : see Taste the Rainbow (not yet in-p)
orison : prayer

network services (out-of-machine)/powers

webserver (discovery, up/download)
bboards (distributed)
 ?? (lighthouse?) : filesharing, publishing


sugar  : see also 'sugar/linux' and 'olpc os'
 ??  : openfirmware bootloader

plans: bitfrost; see also memebrand, sugar frame/view design file status?

Is the file deprecated? in use? I can't get it to work for my activity right now... (we should have a canonical set of scripts that is in one location, pullable via git, for easier maintenance, rather than having this inline on the wiki. Mchua 00:55, 7 June 2008 (EDT)

I don't know the history of - however the version that the core activities use is similar to the first part - see for Browse and for Write. These do depend on having sugar and sugar-toolkit installed or running "sugar-jhbuild shell". I suspect that the "except" part of is a "poor man's version" of what bundlebuilder does. It's definitely out of date with the current functionality of bundlebuilder, and I too question the wisdom of having it on a relatively obscure wikipage that the sugar developers aren't tracking. --morgs 08:54, 7 June 2008 (EDT)
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