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Hey, this is the most powerful guy in OLPC CC1 as far as South America is concerned, we need to know about him. Yes, the page has only one link, but otherwise nobody knows who DC is, what he's up to... please reconsider. I am reverting for the time being. By the way, you say "there was a request". Could you say where that request came from? Yamaplos 20:00, 3 July 2008 (UTC)

Yama, I think it is primarily a question of whether OLPC staffers should have their own special pages in the Main-space or whether their User pages would be sufficient. In my opinion, having Main-space articles (particularly, mostly blank ones) for them simply because they are paid by the OLPC Foundation creates a sense of a two-tiered status on the wiki, which I consider quite destructive to the cohesion of the community. DC has a nice bio over on the www.l.o site, but does he deserve a Main-space page on this wiki in the same manner as say Alan_Kay or Seymour_Papert who have made seminal contributions to the ideas behind OLPC?
I'm sure David is a great and important guy, but SJ created his User page and Mokurai (Ed) created his Main-space article and to date User:Cavallo has made exactly one edit on the wiki, so exactly what purpose is served by having an entire page dedicated to him in the Main-space? You will note that although I was the one to propose the delete (pre-sysop), I have not used my more recently granted sysop priv to actually go through with the delete.
As for the "there was a request" part, that is just part of the template that displays when a user (in this case, me) puts the {{delete}} template on a page to open the discussion about whether a given page serves a positive purpose on the wiki. In my opinion, in it's current form, this page does not serve a positive purpose; but again, I'm not going to force that view by actually performing the delete. Cjl 21:24, 3 July 2008 (UTC)
By the way, if you look at Category:Pages_for_deletion you will see that I have in no way singled out DC for a main-space page delete proposal. These pages were all similarly marked, by me. Barry Vercoe, Charles Kane, Habib Khan, Robert Fadel, Michail Bletsas, but again, I have not taken the action to execute the deletion because the purpose of the template is to open the discussion. Now, with a few more months of wiki experience, I would allow that perhaps, by wiki-etiquette standards, I should have left the content (just simple links) in place when adding the {{delete}} template to the pages, and if I have transgressed in the way that I applied the template, I apologize, but I stand by my recommendation to delete these pages Cjl 21:47, 3 July 2008 (UTC)
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