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Things that need to be fixed:

Excellent system for Indicating screws

General: we need an excellent system for indicating the different kinds of screws. I think having a picture with the three piles of screws used and indicating which one is being used. Hypothetically in the format of a white piece of paper with some dividers drawn. We could potentially draft such a PDF that people could print out, and that repair centers/XO hospitals could laminate and use.

  • Removing the handle cover / reaching the screws Step 2
  • picture 1
  • removing the white handle panel is much more easily done by pushing on the tab in the battery case on the other side of the laptop
  • picture 3
  • highlight the 6 extra screws
  • Removing the hinge / disconnecting the top and bottom halves of the XO

Step 2 need 4 circles instead of two (there are 4 screws) Step 3 picture 2, you aren't really setting aside the top half, it is still connected

  • Removing the bottom cover
  • step 1
  • picture 2 needs the screw graphic
  • picture 2 needs an arrow so that it is more language independent
  • Removing the ALPS (touchpad and keyboard control) board
  • Step 1

add a picture where all three tabs are highlighted in the same picture Step 2 Picture 2 needs an arrow

Replacing the Keyboard Step 1 picture 2 needs to include the lower two body screws

Replacing the ALPS Step 1 needs another picture with the screws, and with the screw graphic Step 2 needs a picture which highlights all three cables, also there are 4 pictures of ribbon cables, but only 3 ribbon cables so that's really confusing

Replacing the hinge Step 1 picture 1 needs an arrow picture 2 needs an arrow, also the ear needs to be a little higher up so that we can tell what the hand is doing. picture 3 also note that the screws are fat.. I like the screwdriver holding the right screw. picture 4 need 4 bubbles not 2

Replacing the handle cover step 1 picture 1 needs an arrow Step 2 both pictures need arrows

Useless instructions

I'm now sitting with a little pile of screws, all slightly different apparently, all without a home. The instructions for re-assembly are incorrect, misleading and just plain wrong. I am now have a useless laptop. Of course I'm annoyed, but it's not a big issue for me, I'll just chuck the damm thing in a bin and get on with my life. I'm lucky, but I do wonder how a teacher or student for whom the XO is aimed at will react. Maybe the OLPC foundation should spend a little less time massaging their egos and a bit more on providing information for those who may end up using the thing. Markb 19:15, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

  • Have you read the page on screws?--Joemck 21:23, 31 August 2008 (UTC)

Page needs splitting?

Loading this page takes a long time and actually crashes the Browse activity on my XO, probably because of all the pictures.--Joemck 21:19, 31 August 2008 (UTC)

There is a known bug in some of the recent builds that crashes browse. browse should never really crash for anything other than an unreasonably malformed website. But yes, this needs to be split. Seth 04:34, 1 September 2008 (UTC)
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