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Various improvements

general: again we need screw clarification. SJ suggested color as a way to do that. Perhaps also add red exclamation points on steps that are difficult/easy to mess up and break things. Also see Talk:Disassembly_bottom

This page has more words. try to integrate the words into the pictures I can do this if you want.

Removing the front panel Step 1 You need another picture after picture 3 showing the other 2 screws so that the pictures are more language independent.

Removing the screen Step 1 Use consistent highlighting.

Step 2 Arrows

Removing the back cover / reaching the motherboard Add a picture of the mother board

Replacing the screen Step 1 picture 4 use consistent shading for highlighting

Step 2 picture 3 should say something about putting down the ears in order to keep the green side pieces in place

picture 5 need 2 pictures to show both sets of screws

An SD card captured in the slot by a peeling label

A peeling label on an SD card can snag the splash guard inside the slot. Forceful removal of the card can damage the splash guard or the slot. Remove the bezel, screen and rear cover. Release the latch by pushing the card inward. Continue to hold the the card and allow it to spring out just far enough for the edge of the label to begin to interfere with the guard. Use a round toothpick or similar instrument to ease the paper under the guard. Once the card is out, remove the label and clean off deteriorated adhesive. Use isopropanol if necessary. Reinstall parts on the machine. A person with no previous experience can complete this procedure in about 30 minutes. If this information is worth adding to a document page, please let me know.

Peter E., Peasthope 14:19, 26 September 2015 (UTC)
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