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My primary concern with this absolutely exciting project is where the control of the content lay. That is, who will be selecting the content which the laptops will be transmitting? Which text book publisher is going to be the one chosen for this new mass audience? What about countries in which the textbooks currently available are obselete? Will there be a scramble for those who speak the language to re-write the textbooks? or will current English textbooks merely be translated?

I believe that this the very next big question which arises after the technology is functional. Perhaps the best part is that the laptops will be granting these children access to the Internet. However, the issue of what entities are selecting the information served up in the classroom must be addressed: I remember being taught that it was Christopher Columbus who discovered the Americas..

Free Highschool Science Texts project

There's a South African project to write free textbooks at [1]. Most of the books have reached editing stage. Probably worth looking at.

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