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Probably not a big problem. Note that Nigeria is on the list and it doesn't look like people are too worried. Most of the countries are on the list to block militarily useful products. A laptop with a 366 Mhz processor isn't much of a problem, especially if it is supposed to be used for educational purposes. Also they may be able to by the laptops directly from Quanta or eventually from another manufacturer.

Wouldn't excluding those countries involved in armed conflict rule out the U.S. anyway? I think this kind of policy would be seen as hypocritical. Plus the situation within these countries can fluctuate rapidly. I personally believe the education of the population should not depend on the political relationship between any two given countries. Is there anything to stop a country on the list from reselling some of the laptops? If this were not the case, I could see a problem with the funds from the sales possibly being used to purchase military hardware, or reselling excess stock to trade embargoed countries.

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