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Trying MP3 codec installation

On staging-27 (a pre-release of 8.2.1), clicking an MP3 in Browse loads the Totem plugin, which displays a gray circle and an alert

An error occurred
The playback of this movie requir3es a MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) decoder plugin which is not installed.

Which is to be expected.

Viewing a USB flash drive with a .mp3 file in the Journal shows just 'SongName' (no spaces). BUG: Click Start and nothing happens (I already filed ticket #8733 and (SugarLabs Trac #328) some time ago.) With debugging turned on, the Journal log (org.laptop.JournalActivity-1.log) has

 WARNING root: No activity can open this object, audio/mpeg.

So try ticket #8982 steps around comment #27 for installing packages that enable MP3 support. Caveat I am an rpm Linux n00b. ...

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