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Dvorak duel challenge

  • I hereby publicly challenge Mr. Dvorak to a dual: Give me an XO, a hand crank generator and a decent internet connetion. Give Mr. Dvorak $100 worth of rice (long grain, instant, puffed, or wild (his choice)). OK, $180 worth of rice. Drop us each into a remote area such as an African rain forest. Let's see who can survive the longest. This would be a dual to death - the one who lives the longest wins. I believe the old adage, "give someone a fish (or a bag of rice) and you feed them for a day; teach someone to fish and you feed them for the rest of their life", applies here. Mr. Dvorak, put your life where your mouth is - put up or shut up. What do you say, Mr. Dvorak? $180 worth of rice versus the world's online knowledge base and the world's OLPC community support. I await your reply. [Note: I am a meek and mild mannered 142 lb electrical engineer with limited survival skills, but I am VERY serious about this challenge.] --pkv

PS Feel free to invite the Chairman of Intel and Mr. Bill Gates to accompany you - they could act as your second.

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