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why use "First World" word?

I suppose what they really meant was Western Europe and North America (+ Australia, New Zealand). It doesn't seem to cover Poland (missing Ł/ł) or any Slavic-speaking country, for that matter. -- 15:44, 30 April 2007 (EDT)

A laptop for kids and you are using uppoer case letters and the wrong number shapes eniterly for "First World". Do you have anyone on the project who has any experience of teaching early years?

What's wrong with the numbers? They seem fairly standard to me (they look just like the number symbols on the keyboard I'm typing on now, in fact). Is it just because your area/country/state/locale use a slightly different flaviour of handwriting ( My local flavour (Danish, born in 1970) either has no top serif on the '1' or has both a top serif and a footer. It also has a line across the middle of the stem in '7' (to distinguish '1' from '7').

Secondly, what's wrong with using upper-case letters? One might as well start with them. Since they have mostly straight lines, they are easier to learn to write and there are fewer variations (glyphs) of each letter.

(I do wonder why €, the Euro sign, wasn't put on 'E' key, which is the standard position in Europe. As far as I know, œ is rare even in French, since it's just a ligature for "oe" in "educated" writing which is only legal in some of the "oe" combinations.) Peter Lund <>/-- 15:44, 30 April 2007 (EDT)

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