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Dear Dr. Negroponte I have a good news for you. You had visited Turkey. Thanks million. Bold text Today government announced that Turkey will use the Linux system as the state national system. It was developed to be used by all government offices by Turkish Scientific Councell.

I 100 % agree with you that $ 100 laptop is not a computer project it is an EDUCATION PROJECT for the world.

I advocate FREE ONLINE EDUCATION from INTERNET 1. English for all world 2. Preschool ONLINE 3. Elementary school ONLINE 4. Secondary school ONLINE 5. Highschool ONLINE 6.Vocational schools ONLINE 7. Universitiers ONLINE 8. Adult education ONLINE Until grave

THEN there will be less wars, less joblessness, lesspoor people, less hunger in the world and at the price of ONLY SEVERAL BILLION DOLLARS . My project has the greatest ROI in the universe. Let us do it. Best regards. Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

--- Dear Dr Negroponte, my name is one of the the 170 official youth trainers at the european union (you can verify: google youth salto database). We are organising for the 2nd time a Youth - OLPC event; the first one took place in Turkey, where we gathered 25 youth leaders and coders from some 15 countries... the next one will be in march 2007 in Sweden ... we want to invite you to assist us. We want to talk about the Youth-OLPC initiative. Can you please contact us? More: and


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