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This is Nhorning's tentative reorganization plan for this Wiki. I'm reorganizing the site to reflect what I perceive to be OLE's current priorities. Feel free to modify and provide input.


Open Learning Exchange Nepal

Link to the main site (home page)

  • Overview of OLE Nepal
"We have a full-time staff of 21 that includes two full-time volunteers. 
Our content development team   has 2 graphic designers, six programmers, and a full-time educator.  
Check out our demonstration activities. For the present, we are entirely focusing on..."
- Demonstration activities link broken...Should replace with Link to full program? 
- Staff is probably out of date. 
- Needs to be updated. Try a brief outline of the current projects and deployments.
- Insert some photos from the blog in here....


  • Links to redmine?
  • Content from redmine?
    • is that type of information appropriate for this site?
      • I've decided to include links with interns and interested developers in mind. Relevant content will Then be migrated from redmine to the public Wiki for informational purposes.


  • Overview
    • Screen shot - Perhaps change this to an impressive activity instead of the menu. <done
    • Link to separate Full page
      • List of All activities in a table: <partially done. outdated development status used.
          • Need run E-Paath in browser and separate into weeks and/or bundles.
          • Both Nepali and English activity names.
        • Page for each Class level and/or activity <long term project.
        • Test passes. for each activity? - <Not doing this. Save for Redmine.
        • info:
      • Installing E-Paath on an XO
        • Already a separate outdated page for this. Update it.
      • Running E-Paath in a browser
        • Already outdated page for this too. Update it.


  • Overview
    • Screen shot < finished
    • Link to separate full page < Finished. Still a stub.
    • Overview of each each section < Might not be necessary. Return to this later

Deployments and Trials

Current Deployments

  • Current information on the progress of deployments
    • Map of districts - Finished - perhaps rethink color scheme. Zones and development regions are probably not needed.
    • List of current schools? - Schools by district. Finished.

OLE Nepal in Bashuki and Bishwamitra schools

  • As is for now

Deployment guide

Incomplete sections:

  • Training
  • Power
  • Content development
  • Timeline

Older stuff/Futher Resources

Will be shunted to the bottom of the page and may be deleted later depending on relevance

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