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I have been developing 'malleable' games and virtual world methods at the Centre for Learning Innovation, NSW Department of Education & Training, Sydney. I posted to the [1] and have some papers now in the public domain which I can share with others. [2]. I have developed economical ways of creating realistic short movies to enhance games with the virtual world look and feel common to commercial games. The structure of games, however, is more important as the object is to create a 'hero's journey' that draws students on a quest TO their textbooks rather away from them. Contact me at

Past events

G'day Greebo. How come you removed the section contain information about past events? Mind if I put it back? Srippon

The page OLPC Australia versus simply Australia

This wiki is about the Open Community Project fostered by OLPC. The page OLPC Australia is the starting page for the legal entity, the legal representation of OLPC in Australia. The page Australia, is the starting page for the whole open community project focussin in Australia. Conclusion: if you are not employed by OLPC Australia, you are not allowed to write on the page OLPC Australia, you should write on the page Australia.--SvenAERTS 07:37, 29 May 2012 (UTC)

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