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Hi Jonathan - - I was just reading here "A minority in particular is enriched through tourism, but the reality remains precarious for the majority of the islanders." That's not good. Maybe a solution. 2012 Is the UN International Year of Cooperatives. I just came out of the EU Coops Week where the EU institutions honored the cooperatives a.o. by opening its buildings for the federations of coops and their members. Maybe it would be a good idea to develop a lesson on cooperatives? The capitalist system, the communist system, the mixed socio-liberal economical system, the fossil fuel based economy, the green economy, not any system is proof against corruption and incompetence. I think cooperatives are yet another way out if a system fails. I'll take it up with some federations of Cooperatives if you want. --SvenAERTS 09:37, 15 May 2012 (UTC)

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