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Benjamin, Jennifer, and Mary:

I enjoyed reading the page! I do have a few questions and some feedback which might be helpful as you refine the proposal. If there's information you can't fit in the proposal, be sure to include it on the wiki and include the wiki hyperlink in your proposal.

First, my questions:

1. Will the teachers be available during the month long holiday? Do you need to provide them with incentives to "work" during that time?

2. How will you work with students from July 6-20? Will they be on holiday still?

3. Will the school have internet access before you arrive? If you need to set it up, how will you do so?

Some feedback:

1. The proposal is very well written and clear (with the small exception of the above questions).

2. You could make your proposal even more interesting by showing how you, as MBA students, and your business school can contribute to the long-term sustainability of the program. (eg. Could you, your school, or a professor hold a case competition?) How will your future plans align with this project?

3. I'd encourage you to rethink the idea of not letting the children take the laptops home. Especially if you're able to achieve a one child-one laptop saturation, they should take them home. Feel free to reach out to previous deployments with questions.

I hope this helps! Feel free to e-mail me at if you have questions.

--Bryan, OLPCorps Team

Hello there! Cool resource! Does anyone know more sites on this topic?

Amazing resource! I’ve just shared it on the social networks.

Hi dude! I quite agree with your thoughts. Thank you for blogging.

Aloha mate! Where can I get additional resources on this topic?

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